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How to hide Disk Drive from My Computer

How to Hide and Un-Hide Hard Disk Drives from "My Computer" through Command Prompt. Did you know you can secure the data on the hard disk drives by hiding them in Windows Computer. In this video I explained step - by - step , how you can hide disk drive from your own P.C.

First check how many drives are there in my computer and then see which drive holds your secret files.Then make the drive to invisible by following the below steps of using cmd commands,

  1. Open RUN and type CMD
  3. DISKPART --- run the diskpart program
  5. Select the volume by SELECT VOLUME 1or 2 ..
  6. Hide the selected volume by REMOVE LETTER C or D or... command.

Note : For Unhide the hidden drive use the command ASSIGN LETTER after selecting the hidden drive.

Now to unhide the partition:
Go to an elevated command prompt=run cmd.exe as administrator

Enter following commands:

DISKPART --- run the diskpart program
LIST DISK ---- list the disks in system
SELECT DISK n ----n is number of disk with hidden volume
DETAIL DISK ----- to make sure you got the right one
LIST VOLUME ------lists the volumes in the system
SELECT VOLUME n ----n is the number of the hidden volume
DETAIL VOLUME ---- to make sure you got the right one
ATTRIBUTES VOLUME CLEAR HIDDEN ---clear the hidden attribute
EXIT --- exit from DiskPart
EXIT --- exit from command shell

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