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How to make a free website | Muft Website kaise banate hai

How to make a Free Website through Internet using Weebly, without any HTML coding. How to create a website using Weebly? How to register an account on weebly? How to choose a free domain name? How to make a webpage? How to choose a theme, a title and text for your free website? How to connect your website to social media channels? How to publish your free website? 

Muft Website kaise banate hai internet ke duwara, weebly ka istemaal karke, aur wo bhi bina HTML code ke. Weebly ka istemaal kar ke free website kaise banate hain? Weebly mein account kaise banate hain? Muft Domain name kaise chunte hain? Web page kaise banate hain? Theme, Title aur text kaise daalte hain?

Niche diye gaye video ko dekh kar aap sheekh sakte hai free me website kaise banate hai. free me domain kaise lete hai. Video hindi me hai. Aur video me step by step ek ek cheej ache se samjhaya gaya hai.


  1. Go to the Weebly website at "www.weebly.com". You will see an account creation form with three fields (Full Name, Email and Password), as well as a few other buttons (this includes the "Log In" button).
  2. Sign up for a Weebly account. In each field in the short account creation form to the left, type in your full name, email address and password. Once each of these steps has been completed, click on "Sign up. It's free!"
  3. Decide on the focus of your site. You will have three options to choose from -- website, blog, or store. Click on the button that applies.
    .No matter what you choose, you'll still get to use all of Weebly's features.
  4. Choose a theme for your site. You can do this by glancing over the options below, selecting whichever one interests you the most, clicking on it, and then clicking on the orange "Choose" button..Scroll up to the top and click on "All Styles" or "All Colors" if you want to select a certain style or color. As for what you can choose, there are many options.
  5. Choose a subdomain for your website. Basically, a subdomain starts with the title of your website (without spaces) and ends with "weebly.com". This is the URL at which people will find your website and access it at..If you want a more professional online presence, try registering your own domain name to use for your website, or connecting a domain you already have to Weebly. If you decide to connect a domain you already have, the Weebly people will help you connect it as soon as you're ready to publish.
  6. Design and edit your website. Drag elements (these can be found under the small element boxes at the top under "W Free) to the box that says "DRAG ELEMENTS HERE". If you do this, elements will be added to your page to make it more appealing. You can also use HTML, if you're experienced, and spruce up your site!.You can add text to the title of a page by clicking on "My Site" and using your keyboard keys to edit the text.​
  7. Click on "Publish" when you're satisfied with your website. Doing this will make it available to the public..Remember, you can still edit your website after it is published. You can do this by going to "www.weebly.com/weebly/userHome.php", finding the site that you want to edit under "My Sites", clicking on "Edit", and making the desired changes.
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