Top 10 uses of USB OTG Connector

Top 10 uses of OTG connector

In This post we will Discuss About the 10 best uses of OTG Cable .We Generally use OTG Cable for just transferring the data of Pendrive to Smartphone and Vice Versa But there are also many uses of OTG Cables.Let Me Introduce You to these Best Uses:

  • OTG With Pendrive
We all know that by the use of OTG we can easily transfer the data from smartphone to pendrive and Vice versa .This comes very Handy when you are not carrying laptop and you have to sent an email by different attachment which you have already in your pendrive .If you have a smartphone just connect with it do your job. pendrive also work as an expendable memory to your smartphone.

  • OTG With Card Reader
​We Can Also Use Card readers to connect with our smartphones with the help of OTG cable and there are Card readers available with inbuilt OTG. By connecting card reader with your phone you can use different types of Card to read/write data in your smartphone like SD,SDHC,M2 etc.You can easily  save your images and video file captured by your DSLR cameras which uses standard memory card . Just connect with smartphone and insert your memory card and your high quality  images are ready to share on your Social media sites without using PC/Laptop,You just have to carry a OTG Cable with you.

  • ​OTG With Mouse
​Touch not working on your Smartphone Don’t worry you need only  OTG and USB Mouse with you .Connect the Mouse Usb with OTG head and connect cable to your smartphone and whola !! it will work like a charm .Do whatever you do with your fingers.

  • ​OTG With Keyboard
​You can also connect Keyboard with your Smartphones with OTG cables .It will very helpfull when you have to do a lot of work and have to type alot of things just connect the keyboard to your smartphone.

  • ​OTG With External Hard Disk
​You can easily Extend your Smartphone Memory By connecting it with the External Hard Disk .Watch Bunch of HD movies in your smartphones .As a movie lover I always use to watch movies in my smartphones .

  • OTG With LAN
You Can Connect your LAN cable Directly in your smartphones and enjoy HIGH Speed Internet You just need LAN TO USB .You don’t have to pay any extra charges for your internet or no need of costly wifi routers.

  • OTG with Game Remote
If you are a Game lover you will love this ,You can use Gaming remotes with your Smartphones to play lots of games .It will be more comfortable to play with help of the remote that gives a different fun.

  • OTG With Other SmartPhone
With the OTG cable you can also charge you friends Smartphones by your smartphones.You can also charge your smartphone with other smartphones or by PC.

  • OTG with Mi Fan
You can Run Mi fan with your smartphones which give pleasant air to cool your mind.Mi fan can also be used for cooling the smart which have heat issues.

  • OTG with Mi LED
You Can Use Led Light as a Flash When capturing photos in Night it is far brighter than your Flash.You can also Use it when you are reading in dark or work with your laptop.

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